Language Acquisition

The School for International Studies is committed to linguistic diversity reflective of our local community and the larger world. We promote multilingualism in all of our students—by honoring a student’s mother-tongue and providing instruction in at least one additional language. To those ends, we encounter and use language in authentic contexts that prepare our students to apply their developing skills in our community and beyond. Students work towards academic literacy in at least one additional language beyond their mother-tongue(s), while continuing to strengthen the language(s) they speak at home. Teachers in the Language Acquisition Department will develop a subject overview that is vertically aligned by language. By using artifacts collected during instruction, we will collaborate to understand our MYP criteria and norm our understandings of criteria achievement levels and phases of language proficiency. We will also focus on aligning formative and summative assessments to collect data and track students’ growth. We commit to improving our pedagogical practices through inter-visitation, inquiry, and the use of consultancy and other protocols.

Take a look at this sample Language Acquisition unit.

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