Individuals & Society

Individuals and Society students work collaboratively in AP US History.

Individuals & Society students work collaboratively in AP US History.

In the Individual and Societies Department, we will foster a balance between teacher autonomy and a collaborative culture for the benefit of reflection and collective inquiry. Department members will develop a vertically aligned subject overview; norm our understandings of MYP criteria achievement levels; and collect and use student data through formative and summative assessments to ensure that our curriculum is meeting the needs of all our students. Our units and lessons will foster the mastery of academic content and skills; create opportunities for students to listen, read, write, dialogue, collaborative, and debate. Above all, our work as a department is crucial to developing caring and competent global citizens who believe in and work for the common good.

Check out a sample Individuals & Society unit plan to see how students integrate AP and IB into their learning.

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