Mission Statement

Graduates from the School for International Studies take risks and develop innovative solutions that impact the world. Through the use of critical and creative thinking skills, students appreciate different cultures and respect the values and rights of people everywhere.

We believe students learn best when:

  • their prior knowledge is considered to be important
  • learning is in context
  • context is relevant 
  • they can learn collaboratively
  • the learning environment is proactive
  • they get appropriate, formative feedback that supports their learning
  • diverse learning styles are understood and accommodated
  • they feel secure and their ideas are valued and respected
  • values and expectations are explicit
  • there is a culture of curiosity at the school
  • they understand how learning is judged, and how to provide evidence of their learning
  • they become aware of and understand how they learn
  • structured inquiry, critical thinking, learning through experience and conceptual development are central to teaching in the school
  • learning is engaging, challenging, rigorous, relevant and significant 


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